Child Care

We here at Carers Direct Homecare can understand the difficulties that a parent can face knowing that the beloved child has an illness or a disability. For a parent this can be a very emotional and difficult time in life to see their child facing such complex needs. At Carers Homecare Direct we can help, from helping children with special needs, with physical complex needs or learning difficulties, from the ages of six months to 11 year olds.

What We Offer

At Carers Homecare Direct we work directly with the child and the family to create a closeness, so everyone is in the picture of the level of care we provide and can give. Depending on the age and complex needs we aim to promote well being and independence for every child. We help children with;

Complex Needs
Physical Needs
Life Limiting needs
Other Needs

We offer one to one support in their needs from their place of residence, we also do outings, promoting Independence and the fundamental of all personal care. If you want more information or would like to talk to us about our Child Care service please contact our friendly staff on the number below and we will be happy to help.