Homecare Support

Carers Direct Homecare takes great pride in understanding and achieving its goals to help anyone with needs, whether they be mental or physical disability. Within our Home Care Support system we have taken great steps to see what support is required, so we offer two types of care. The first being Live in support care, here we have our highly qualified and friendly staff come out to your place of residence and carry out specific tasks your require to fulfill your needs. The second type we offer is end of life care. This is a very sensitive time for the family and anyone who requires care, but we at Carers Homecare Direct can help support in taking care of certain duties that are required to help ease the strain on the family and the person requiring care.

Live In Care

The Live In Care service we provide offers our care staff to be at your place of residents when you require. This service we mostly carry out during the night when you may need turning over or need assistance during the night to go to the toilet. We do also offer this during the day around the clock. Within this service we provide are below.

End of Life Care / Palliative Care

As we know life is precious and a time comes when we will lose a loved one to an illness. Here at Carers Direct Homecare we have qualified staff to assist in this difficult time. We have 6 steps to giving effective end of life care;

Discussions, as end of life approaches.
individualized assessment, care planning and review.
Co-ordination of care.
Delivery of high quality services in different environments.
Care in the last day of life.
Care after death.

For more in depth information on this level of care please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can go through the six steps and what they involve. As well as specialized care we offer the services of support and assistance stated below with all our care options.

Personal Care

Our caregivers can assist you with personal needs such as;

Bathing, dressing, and bathroom needs
We can also monitor and remind you to take your medications
Assist with morning wake-up

Bathing, grooming, and dressing assistance
Toileting and incontinence assistance
Change linens and make beds

Assist with evening tuck-in
Medication reminders
Accompany to doctor and report results to family if requested

Social Engagement

Having someone to talk to and visit with can provide the stimulation and socialisation we all need to live a happier life. Carers Direct Homecare can provide;

Play games / cards
Escort to plays, concerts, religious services

Recreational activities and crafts
Attend club meetings and sports events
Help with reading
Plan visits, outings and trips

Housekeeping Assistance

At Carers Direct Homecare our carers are trained to carry out multiple tasks, let your carer perform housekeeping needs such as;

sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting
Light housekeeping
Laundry and linen washing
Care for houseplants
Take out garbage
Organize and clean closets

Diet & Nutrition

At Carers Direct Homecare your caregiver will help you prepare healthy meals of your choice. They'll even get the groceries and keep your kitchen organised so you stay fully stocked on the foods you enjoy.

Grocery shopping
Meal preparation


You will be consulted about daily living arrangements and enabled to participate in discussions about any proposed changes to those arrangements. You will be fully involved in and fully informed with respect to the individual assessment of your support needs. You have a right to be involved in a careful and thorough assessment of your needs and wishes, and to be informed of the outcome. Carers Direct Homecare Ltd’s commitment will be to find the best and most cost effective way of meeting your needs and aspirations. You will be supported to make informed choices about the future, this will be incorporated into your care plan.

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